Fast and effective cybersecurity incident response.

Cybercrime is increasing, regulations are tightening, and skilled incident responders are in short supply. To meet this challenge, organizations can no longer rely on slow, manually-driven incident response. Cydarm is a secure case management system that implements best practice in cybersecurity incident response.


Secure Case Management for Cybersecurity Incident Response

Cydarm supports best practice in processes within a Security Operations Center (SOC), while providing rapid and secure communications with stakeholders outside the SOC.

Case Management

Track the status, priority, assignee, metadata, and events related to each incident. Review previous cases for constant improvement and audit.

Orchestration & Automation

Automatically gather context, to eliminate repetitive work and perform incident triage faster.

Access Control

Filter information based on user attributes. Prevent inadvertent exposure of malware or sensitive personal information, using encryption.


Engage external providers to handle 24x7 monitoring, without exposing sensitive data. Collaborate with specialists on individual cases as necessary, without giving access to all your data.

Compliance Support

Follow best practice in incident response, to provide the best possible defense for your systems and support achievement of compliance objectives.

SOC Management

Collect metrics to allow measurement of SOC performance, and evaluate processes and resource allocation. Generate reports to demonstrate value delivered.

Controlled Disclosure

Generate tactical reports rapidly and securely, for dissemination to internal and external stakeholders.

Machine Learning

Automatically track the actions of incident responders, to build machine learning models that distinguish real threats from false alarms, then prioritize incoming alerts against these models.

Open APIs

Integrate existing security infrastructure via a REST/JSON API that includes support for STIX™ 2.0. Use webhooks to send and receive notifications to and from other systems.


Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) is an essential component of a mature incident response capability. Organizations including corporations, government agencies, and managed security service providers can benefit from using Cydarm's SOAR technology. Contact us at Cydarm to learn more about how SOAR can benefit your incident response capability.

Proper investigation requires a centralized tool that helps SOC analysts to quickly identify threats or incidents. During the process of investigation an ability to store artifacts will help through the identification and classification of threats. Those artifacts can also be used later to support further auditing demonstrating chronologically actions and data collected that resulted in a final response.

- Gartner: Innovation Insight for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Start recording all information as soon as the team suspects that an incident has occurred. Every step taken, from the time the incident was detected to its final resolution, should be documented and timestamped. Information of this nature can serve as evidence in a court of law if legal prosecution is pursued. Recording the steps performed can also lead to a more efficient, systematic, and less error-prone handling of the problem.

- NIST: Computer Security Incident Handling Guide


Secure, best practice cybersecurity incident response,
for all types of organizations

Cydarm is secure by design. We know that cybersecurity is a team sport, and success requires collaboration at different levels of trust. Cydarm's attribute-based access control model provides flexible collaboration.

The value of a collaborative incident response platform increases with the number of users. We believe in providing fair and predictable licensing that won't surprise you with a cost overrun, so we charge per user. Contact an expert to learn how Cydarm can provide value in your SOC.

Cydarm is interoperable with other vendor products. Every organization has a different cybersecurity technology stack and we know you will want to customize your workflows. Cydarm has an open API, and is easy to integrate with your existing technology stack.

Cydarm can be deployed anywhere. Whether you prefer to maintain your security stack on-premises or in the cloud, Cydarm will meet your requirement. Cydarm is deployed using Docker containers, so all you need is a Docker host environment.

Take control of incident response. Try Cydarm today!


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